How my friends describe me ♥

So, for this massive character sheet I finished of mine and my boyfriends personalized characters- I felt awkward writing who I thought I was like, I wanted my friends to give me their thoughts and opinions about it, because I feel I can trust them, I also wanted an unwavering idea- something I could refer to, to know how I present myself to others, and I was deeply moved and honored, pleased, and relieved with what they see in me. Here’s what they each wrote me! (in order from the first ones I got):

“Kenny seems like a neutral individual in a lot of ways. They make their stances clear but can also see a situation from another perspective. Even though being thrust into a lot of chaotic and wacky situations sometimes seem to get the better of them they always seem to have a grasp of situations and how to try and take care of them amidst turmoil. They have an outstanding loyalty to their friends and loved one. They can be recognized in the wild by making a butt joke or shouting that Mr. Nose is around. I would say that Kenny is an individual I highly enjoy the company of. They’re nice to be around and really I can’t think of any topic I wouldn’t be able to bring up with them. They’re nice and supportive but they also make sure to be honest and truthful and tell their stance on the issue without bias too. They have a great sense of humor regardless of whether it’s several lines or just screaming about butts. And they’re great moral support and just a great friend to have and I’m glad to have met and befriended them and be able to know them to this day” - Haley/Pen

“You’re very curious, and when something really grabs your attention you tend to be very intense about it. You’re equally curious about people and are quite a deep thinker in that regard; you never take something for its superficial value or appearance. Sometimes you border on fixating on things, but not in a bad way. That constant questioning and curiosity can leave you lost in your own thoughts quite regularly, but you’re always quick to recover with a well placed joke (or pun) if things get too deep. You really do have a gift for lightening the atmosphere and earning a laugh even in the most inappropriate situations and it’s a wonderful thing. You’re honest and factual when the time calls for you to be serious and you can be relied on to tell the truth, especially when it comes to people, but you have a wonderful optimistic spark in the face of adversity. While you tend to be passive and neutral in most given situations, you don’t hesitate to step up and speak your mind or confront people when others are being harassed or hurt. There are times when your fierce loyalty can blind you to negative aspects of people, but this is usually countered by your good judge of character.” - Robin

“well you are EMOTIONALLY balanced. you have a wide range of emotions like most people do, but none of them really dominate you. Generally yes, you are a very upbeat person who goes out of their way to make their friends happy. to offer an ear to listen to and to give thoughtful advice afterward, but you are not hesitant to flip some shit if shit is really asking to be flipped. Because you think so logically you know when to push back and when to let go. few too many people are far from that flexible. You are thoughtful and insightful but at the same time you have this amazing sense of humor that express beautifully in puns and butt jokes. And I mean

BEAUTIFUL- that and a LOVELY SENSE OF HUMOR, like a lovely flower.

that sprays seltzer water.”- Bee

“Ken(ny)’s a great person and a wonderful friend. Unique and difficult to summarize in a way that does much justice, even after years and years of knowing them. They’re very easy to speak to- regardless of if it is idle conversation or a serious topic, being understanding and open-minded, willing to give others a fair chance free of judgment. Very honest, at times brutally so, but well-meaning none the less. They’re caring, observant, and loyal. Not one for conflict or confrontation, but willing and able to defend who or what is important to them if need be. They have quite the sense of humor, along with a knack for using this to defuse tension or hostility that may arise for whatever reason and not the type to hold a grudge after wards.”- Lizzy

“Kenny is a very intelligent person who can be a lot of fun to hang out with, unless you’re an idiot. Kenny is very blunt and straightforward with most of their thoughts and opinions, so if you’re going to hold a conversation with them, you’d best know what you’re talking about and not be a dick. Otherwise they’ll call you on your bullshit and cut you down to size before you know it. They are rather shy in more social situations, and huge crowds tend to make them uneasy, even nauseous. Kenny functions best either by themselves or with a select group of close friends. Speaking of friends, they are very caring and generous when it comes to the people closest to them, and will even go to small lengths to help out anyone else around them. Overall, I think they are a great friend to have.” - Robert

“I’d probably describe you as reserved, but friendly—not quick to make connections, but rather wary of who to trust. You’re blunt, but you mean well, and are rather loyal to your friends. Generally you’re pretty silly, but you need others to know when to take you seriously. Also important note YOU ARE PROTECTIVE OVER CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS WITH LARGE NOSES AND BLUE HAIR, SO NOBODY BETTER MESS WITH THAT.” - Ray

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