When someone says ‘you wouldn’t believe what I saw today-‘ the common reaction is to breath in and listen to what the individual has to say (I’d assume a friend or acquaintance would be the ‘individual’ that would do this, unless you have random beings getting in your personal space and telling you about their day.) It was an act of common courtesy, listening and giving thoughtful responses where they are due.

   When Anubis was spoken to, and that was the opening line, he’d often assume a stance of pure disinterest.

   Why entertain a fake fantasy about him actually caring about what they had to say? It was quite obvious that whatever they had seen wouldn’t be anything new or extraordinary to him. Death sees all.

   Especially when you were specifically worshiped by persons who thought cats were sacred, really- that idea is something he had a hard time ‘believing.’

   However, when addressed by another god in such a way, Anubis knew better, and would actually listen- unless the god was Greek, he had heard far too much about shifting into swans or animals impregnating women with half beasts that it was more akin to hearing about someone’s sexual fantasy. (Which 9 times out of 10 it was, Zeus was into some weird shit.)

   “Hello Anubis.” Cooed a familiar female voice.

   “What do you want, Venus.” Replied Anubis, who took a drag off what would be mistaken for a cigarette, if it were not for the oddly coloured sea-green smoke that slipped out from between his clenched teeth and through his pursed lips like vines from his mouth.

   “Don’t call me that!” snapped the woman who clenched her soft delicate hands into fists.  “It’s Aphrodite, and you KNOW that.”

   “You’re right.” He admitted, flicking the ash that accumulated at the end of his fag.

   “I need to talk to talk to you, you wouldn’t believe what I saw today-“ there was an odd strain in her voice, as if she was trying to coax something out of him- which he presumed must be his interest.

   Anubis grunted, “I doubt that.” He blew smoke into her face.

   She swatted away at it and coughed, angrily snaring, baring her teeth. No matter how beautiful she could make herself seem, she had an ugly under tone, and Anu was getting close to releasing it.

   “The stars are massing,” She warned “ It won’t be long now until they’ve awoken.”

   Now that DID captivate the god of death’s interest, he turned to her, this time without letting smoke escape from his mouth and onto her.

   “How long?”

   Anu rubbed his eyes; he forgot how to speak to her “How long until then?”

   “I was hoping you could tell me.”   

   “Why in the Heavens would I know why STARS are massing together? Do I look like a star to you?”

   Aphrodite thought about this for a moment. Anubis was right, he was the farthest thing from a star. If anything, comparing him to a black hole that sucked up any happiness or good feeling from a room would be more accurate.

   “Well, you know Sirius, right?”

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